Address book converter (from Open Contacts to adx) - 0.13 Alpha

Browser Support:

Input: Open Contacts xml

This is just an example. Please do a XML Export of your adressbook in Open Contacts and paste the file content below. Then press the 'Convert' button.
Send Feedback for bugs, feature requests, etc to thomas.bartensud ät googlemai hurz Thomas Bartensud adx website
Privacy statement: None of your pasted contacts leaves your computer. The converting is done purely in your browser.

Output 1: adx xml

Copy content of following text area to a text editor and save as XML file (UTF-8 encoded) in the same folder where adx2html_phonelist.xsl is residing.
Now open your saved XML file in your browser and adx address book is ready to work.

Output 2: adx html - Preview (how it will look like...)